Biologist - Establishment in Portugal

To work as a biologist in Portugal on a permanent basis, you must apply for the recognition of your professional qualifications.

Any citizen of a Member State of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland who is professionally established in and has obtained their qualifications in one of these countries may apply.

If you obtained your professional qualifications in a third country, you should contact the competent authority to request the recognition of your qualifications.

Service channels

  • Apply online

    Apply for recognition of professional qualifications as a biologist in Portugal

Procedure and requirements


You must apply online through the ePortugal portal. Applications are then examined by the Order of Biologists.

The time it takes for authorisation to be granted varies from 1 to 4 months, depending on whether additional documents or clarifications are needed or if it is necessary to take a test or complete an adaptation period (compensatory measures).

Before completing the form, please consult the regulated professions database to find the name of your profession(s) in the language of the Member State(s) in which you are established, or in English, Spanish, French or German. This information will be required to complete the form.

The procedure is set out below.

  1. Sending the form.
    • Click on the APPLY (REALIZAR SERVIÇO) button.

    • Log in using a valid means of electronic identification (Digital Mobile Key or Portuguese Citizen Card).

    • Complete the online form and attach the documents.

    • Submit your application.

  2. The Order of Biologists will confirm receipt of the application within 1 month (confirmation of online applications is immediate) and, if necessary, will request additional documents or information.
  3. The applicant has 1 month to correct or resolve any issues identified with the application. Once the application has been resubmitted, the Order of Biologists has 2 months to issue a new decision.
  4.  The Order of Biologists will notify the applicant of the final decision within a maximum of 4 months if no compensation measures are required.

If compensatory measures are required:

In addition, the competent authority may determine compensatory measures in order to assess the applicant’s technical skills. These measures may consist of an adaptation period or test.

The final decision to authorise the applicant to practise the profession in Portugal is given after successful completion of the adaptation period or test.

How much

Fee according to the provisions described.

Additional Data

If you are a citizen of a non-EU, EEA or Swiss country, you must apply for this service in person.

Legislation, refusals, contests, claims


Law No 159/2015 of 18 September on the first amendment to the articles of association of the Order of Biologists, approved by Decree-Law No 183/98 of 4 July, bringing it into line with Law No 2/2013 of 10 January laying down the legal framework for the creation, organisation and operation of professional public associations.

Rules of procedure: the Order of Biologists is the public association that represents graduates in the field of biological sciences or the legal equivalent.

Law No 9/2009 of 4 March 2009, as amended, transposing Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 September 2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications into national law.

Ministerial Implementing Order No 90/2012 of 30 March specifying the regulated professions covered in the fields of agriculture, forestry, the sea, the environment and spatial planning, and designating the respective national authorities competent for the recognition of professional qualifications, in accordance with Law No 9/2009 of 4 March, as amended.

Non-payment of application/communication fee. Failure to comply with the technical requirements.

The applicant does not submit the requested document(s) and/or information, after a reminder to do so by the competent authority.

The applicant fails to turn up for the aptitude test or adaptation period after a reminder to do so by the competent authority.

The applicant submits false documents.

The applicant withdraws their application.


SOLVIT Centre in Portugal

Appeal under national law in accordance with Article 46 of Law No 9/2009, as amended, in the absence of a decision within the prescribed period. Submit the case to the national ombudsman.

Submit a complaint to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), which ensures that EU law is interpreted and applied in the same way in all EU countries and that EU institutions and countries respect EU law.

Competent Entity

Ordem dos Biólogos

Address: Rua Cidade de Rabat, 38 – r/c 1500-164 Lisboa

Phone number: 21 840 18 78

Email address:

Web url: