Fines and Infringements

The Economic Food Security Authority (ASAE) is the national administrative authority specializing in food security and economic surveillance.

The ASAE is responsible for supervising and preventing compliance with legislation regulating the exercise of economic activities in the food and non-food sectors.


The regulation of access to and exercise of the various economic activities is dispersed by several diplomas, which makes it difficult for economic operators to consult the different anti-jurisdictional regimes for breach of applicable legal provisions.

The aim of this tool is to make the information simple and easy to access, and facilitates the access of economic operators to a set of systematized information on economic infractions and their fines, with an indication of the minimum and maximum limits.

You will find here simpler counter-administrative information, by topics, such as the general conditions for the exercise of economic activity and rules for the exercise of specific economic activities, rules applicable to industry, licensing and security of facilities, freedom to provide services, trade and catering, tourism and various forms of accommodation, as well as rules on the manufacture and / or marketing of food and non-food products.

Autoridade de Segurança Alimentar Económica (ASAE)

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