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Through ePortugal, the future entrepreneur can set up a private limited, single-person or joint-stock company online and, with the Empresa na Hora you can carry out the process in less than an hour, in one of the service desks in the country, in Espaços Empresa or in the Commercial Registry Offices. See here how to book your appointment and the information you will need to incorporate a company in Portugal.


Also, take the opportunity to browse ePortugal, the single point of contact for the performance of public services associated with the exercise of an economic activity. 


Registering the business online

Empresa Online allows the creation of sole proprietorships by shares, quotas and public limited companies, using a digital certificate, such as the Citizen Card. Afterwards, you will be able to follow online your company's creation process through the Dossier Eletrónico da Empresa.

Companies whose capital is paid up using contributions in kind, i.e., where the shareholders' contributions to the share capital are not made in cash, cannot be incorporated through the Online Company.

If you need help during the process of setting up the company through the Empresa Online, you can consult the Frequently Asked Questions available on the ePortugal portal.


Registering at Empresa na Hora

At the desks of Empresa na Hora, it is possible to set up a sole proprietorships by shares, quotas and public limited companies, and the partners only have to hold all the necessary documents. In just under an hour, it is possible to follow up all the procedures necessary to incorporate a company in a single desk.


Registering the business in a traditional way

The creation of the company through this method implies a series of steps in different Entities and at different times, such as: the application for the Certificate of Admissibility, the deposit of the company's share capital, the preparation of the memorandum or articles of association, the submission of the statement of beginning of activity, the commercial registry and the registry with the Social Security.

Find a Commercial Registry Office


Steps for creation of a cooperative

Registering a cooperative

Register a Cooperativa na Hora


Steps for the creation of an association

Creation and Operation of an Association - IRN
Associação na Hora - FAQ 


Make changes in the business 

If at any time you need to move your company's registered office, change its activity or change its by-laws, online services and information are available to help you.