Promote Quality and Certification

The implementation of a standardized management system constitutes an added value for any company, by establishing a Policy and Strategic Objectives, involving the entire organization in the satisfaction of its customers and other identified stakeholders, in accordance with the guiding requirements of the adopted reference standard.

The certification of this management system will provide the desired public recognition of its effective operation, providing an added value to the credibility of the certified entity and a potential competitive advantage, when applicable.

Specifically, the operationalization of a QMS, e.g., is a strategic decision of the company that aims to provide recognition and satisfaction of customers, improvement of image, access to new markets, reduction of operating costs through improved operational performance and a new culture with awareness and motivation of employees.

For a company to obtain certification it is necessary the formal recognition by a certification body, an independent and accredited external entity, that this company has an implemented management system that follows the standards explained.





  • Standardization - Portuguese Quality Institute/National Standardisation Body
  • Partner Entities/ Sectoral Standardization Bodies/ List of ONS (Entities/Institutes/Associations of recognized technical/scientific competence, in specific areas) - Portuguese Quality Institute
  • Catalogue of national, European and international standards - Portuguese Quality Institute / Standardisation