Public support for investment and funding solutions for economic activity are structuring instruments in support of the business fabric, the importance of which is recognised by all.


Portal do Financiamento[Funding Portal]

The Portal do Financiamento [Funding Portal] allows companies to find, aggregated in a single place, several financing solutions with public support, directed in particular to SMEs, for the various phases of their activity and investment. 

The information is structured according to the needs of the companies, their investment strategies (growth, expansion, export, capitalization, etc.), the business dimension or the sector of activity. The aim is to present the solutions, taking into account the investor profile and the characteristics of the business, as well as to identify the agents responsible for its operationalization.

The Portal do Financiamento [Financing Portal], available from the IAPMEI website, provides information on a wide range of solutions, such as Mutual Guarantee, Credit Insurance, Risk Capital, Business Angels, Co-Investment Funds, Real Estate Investment Funds, as well as tax incentives to investment and capitalization of companies.


Portal da competitividade [Competitiveness Portal]

The Portal da Competitividade [Competitiveness Portal], available from the Adc website, aims to facilitate companies and entrepreneurs in the search for investment support to strengthen productivity and national competitiveness.

It provides information on financial support, allowing access to application notices for Portugal 2020 and other EU funding opportunities, including information on business hosting infrastructures and technological infrastructures in Portugal, as well as national and international competitiveness support networks.