Hire staff

Hiring workers is a decision that has an impact on your business: you need to find the right people, comply with and respect the laws and consider the fixed monthly cost that hiring will entail.


Recruitment and selection of workers

You can use a recruitment company that will help you with all these issues. But if you're still starting your business or don't have the necessary capital for this type of investment, the Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional (Employment and Vocational Training Institute) offers free recruitment and selection services to meet the companies’ needs.

If you do not find the profile you are looking for or if there is a shortage of domestic labour in your sector of activity, find out how to find workers in other countries and how to recruit from abroad.


Compliance with Social Security obligations

After the employee recruitment phase, the company must register its employees with the Social Security. Monthly, it is responsible for the payment of social security contributions and for deducting this amount from the remuneration paid to employees.


Support and incentives for hiring

The IEFP has several supports and incentives in which it is possible to request the exemption or reduction of the payment of the contribution rate, for example, by hiring long-term unemployed or young people looking for their first job.


Support and incentives for hiring

It is compulsory to take out occupational accident insurance to protect workers during their professional activity and during their daily commute to work. Contact your insurance intermediary or, in case of doubt, request information from the Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões (Insurances and Pension Funds Supervision Authority).


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