How to request NIF and NISS for foreign citizens in Portugal

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If you have foreign citizenship and want to live and work in Portugal you will need to register with the Finance Department and Social Security.

The registration with the Finance Department gives you a Tax Identification Number (NIF), which allows you to work, open a bank account or comply with tax obligations in Portugal.

Registering for Social Security gives you a Social Security Identification Number (NISS), which allows you to access rights such as support and subsidies, and to fulfill obligations related to contributions.

On this page you will find the following information:

Apply for a Tax Identification Number (NIF)

A foreign person, resident or non-resident in Portugal, who works and pays taxes in Portugal must have a Tax Identification Number (NIF).

In the case of children and young people, the NIF is necessary for health and education expenses, for example, that the parents can include in their Personal Income Tax (IRS) declaration.

Necessary documents

To request the NIF, you need the following documents:

  • Resident in Portugal - civil identification document from the country of origin or passport* and the residence permit
  • Non-resident in Portugal - identification document or passport* and have a fiscal representative (individual or collective) with residence in national territory
  • Child without passport - document proving the birth.

* If you present the passport, you must also present the visa for entry into Portugal or the Schengen Area.

How to request the NIF

By the person himself

  • At the Tax Office - make an appointment for personal attendance through the Call Centre (CAT) - 217 206 707, working days, from 9am to 7pm

By representative

Apply for Social Security Identification Number (NISS)

Foreign nationals who do not have a Social Security Identification Number (NISS) can apply for one online. If you begin to work as an employee, the employer will apply for the NISS from the Social Security Office.

It is also possible to request the NISS for children and young people.

Necessary documents

To request the NISS, you must

The following documents are accepted:

People from the European Union, European Economic State or Switzerland

  • civilian ID document from the country of origin

Persons from a third country

  • Passport
  • Residence Permit
  • Residence Authorization (temporary or permanent)
  • other civilian identification document from the country of origin

Persons under International Protection (does not include Temporary Protection for persons coming from Ukraine) or without another identification document:

  • Temporary Residence Permit (ARP)
  • receipt proving the application for ARP
  • receipt proving renewal of ARP
  • Residence Permit for Refugee - Subsidiary Protection
  • receipt for granting of a Residence Permit Refugee/Subsidiary Protection
  • receipt for Renewal of Residence Permit - refugee
  • receipt for Renewal of Residence Permit - Subsidiary Protection
  • declaration of international protection.

How to request the NISS


  1. Access the Social Security portal
  2. Select the tab "I am a Citizen" or "I am an Employer
  3. Choose the option "Atribuição de Número de Identificação de Segurança Social (NISS)" (Social Security Identification Number Assignment)
  4. Click on "Form for requesting a Social Security Identification Number".

After the request, you will receive an email confirming the creation of the NISS and instructions to collect the NISS in person at the Social Security services.

The collection can only be done by the person himself, by presenting the ID document.