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Agriculture: applications open to support the purchase of photovoltaic panels

Applications to purchase and install photovoltaic panels on farms, in agro-industrial units and hydro-agricultural facilities are open until January 24, 2023. This support has been reinforced by 46 million Euros.The aim of these measures is to encourage self-sufficiency, modernization and decarboniz ...

Video call support available in 2 new online services

The support by video call to carry out online public services through the ePortugal portal has been extended to two new services, and is now available for 14 services.The new services with videoconference support are: Activate the digital signature of the Mobile Digital Key (CMD)Cancel the Citizen's ...
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New Digital Services Regulation in force

On 17 November, the new EU Digital Services Regulation entered into force. This legislation applies to all digital platforms providing goods, services and content to European consumers.This regulation aims to promote innovation, growth and competitiveness Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and start ...
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Application for social old age pension available on Segurança Social Direta

You can now request your old age social pension at Segurança Social Direta. The new service is available online, as well as viewing your case status.The old-age social pension is awarded to those who have no or a low income and reach retirement age without enough contributions to receive a general o ...
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BUPi available in 143 municipalities

The municipalities of Alcobaça and Arcos de Valdevez have joined the Balcão Único do Prédio (BUPi), which allows the free identification of rustic and mixed properties in Portugal. The BUPi has already registered more than 860,000 properties and is now available in 143 municipalities.The geographic ...
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Agriculture: extraordinary support of 10 cents per liter of green diesel

Farmers will have an extraordinary support of 10 cents per liter of colored and marked diesel (also known as green diesel or agricultural diesel) consumed in 2021. The amount will be paid until the end of 2022, in a lump sum.To have access to this support, it is necessary to have the Green Diesel Ca ...
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New measures for housing credit renegotiation approved

The government has approved a set of measures that allow for the renegotiation of housing credit contracts. Extending the credit term, consolidating credits, making a new credit, or reducing the effort rate for a period of time are some of the solutions presented.The renegotiation of mortgage loans ...
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Consular Service Center for France extends services to Lyon and Marseille

As of November 2, the Consular Service Center for France will extend its services to those residing in the areas of jurisdiction of the Consulates General of Portugal in Lyon and Marseille. The service had already been available for the Paris area since April of this year.The Consular Assistance Cen ...
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Prova de Exame para a obtenção de título profissional de Avaliador de Artigos com Metais Preciosos e de Materiais Gemológicos

1. IntroduçãoO presente documento visa divulgar as características da prova de exame a realizar pelos candidatos para a obtenção de título profissional de avaliador de artigos com metais preciosos e de materiais gemológicos, conforme previsto no art. 8.º da Portaria n. º 333-B/2017, de 3 de novembro ...

Over 90 SNS24 Desks will be part of the Citizen Spots network

The Administrative Modernization Agency (AMA) and the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS) signed a protocol to install more than 90 SNS24 Desks in the Citizen Spots.The SNS24 Desk provides assisted support to people with little digital literacy or lack of technological tools. In this sp ...