Government launches Citizen Kiosks for Citizen Card services


he Government is promoting the opening of Citizen Kiosks in the municipalities with the highest volume of attendance related to Citizen Cards, in a partnership between the Agency for Administrative Modernization (AMA), the Registries and Notary Institute (IRN), the Institute of Financial Management and Justice Equipment (IGFEJ) and the respective municipalities.

After the exceptional and temporary measures related to COVID-19, which limited the face-to-face service to urgent acts and extended the validity of the Citizen Cards until 30 October, the Government advances in a statement that it is now necessary to create solutions that allow a quick response to the high number of Citizen Card deliveries.

In this way, temporary service desks, called Citizen Kiosks, were created in the municipalities with the highest demand for these services.
The Citizen Kiosks will operate for one month and can be extended if necessary. Citizens will be contacted to access these services, and the service will be available by appointment.

First Citizen Kiosk opened in Sintra

The first Citizen Kiosk was opened under the protocol promoted by AMA, in partnership with local authorities. It is planned to open more Citizen Kiosks in mainland Portugal over the coming weeks, depending on the evolving needs.

The ePortugal portal will provide information regarding the services available at the Citizen Kiosk, as these services are extended.

IRN and IGFEJ will ensure the functioning of the Citizen Kiosks, manage the scheduling of services provided, ensure the necessary human and technological resources and implement a contingency plan for the prevention of COVID-19, aligned with the guidelines of the General Directorate for Health (DGS).

The municipalities will be responsible for identifying and providing the location where the Citizen Kiosk will be installed and ensuring operating conditions.

Source: Government Portal