Application Creche Feliz helps to find vacancies in free daycare centers


Social Security has launched the application "Creche Feliz" for cell phones. With this application, you can search for daycare centers with free vacancies for children born after September 1, 2021.

Through the application, available for iOS and Android, you can search and obtain information about daycare centers that have free places available in your area of residence or workplace. In the app you can also see the contacts and location of the adhering daycare centers.

If there are no vacancies in daycare centers of the solidarity network, families can choose a daycare center of the for-profit network and request support from Social Security for payment exemption. This support can also be requested in the application. 

The Happy Day Care program covers all children born after September 1, 2021, who attend day care centers, family day care centers in the solidarity network, Social Security nannies or day care centers in the for-profit network that are part of the group of member institutions.

Children born before September 1, 2021 are only covered if they fall into the first or second family contribution income bracket.

Source: Social Security Portal