New office for unlocking Citizen Card PIN codes with over 300 requests in a week


The Areeiro Registry Office has available, since August 3rd, an exclusive desk for those who need to unlock the PINs of the Citizen Card. In the first week, 305 people were serviced.

At this desk, besides requesting the unlocking of the PIN codes of the Citizen Card, you can also request the recovery of the PINs of the card, if it has been issued from April 16th, 2018. In this way, in case of loss of personal codes, the need to request and pay for a new card is avoided.

This is a further measure aimed at making life easier for citizens, namely those, who having the PIN code of the Citizen Card blocked or having lost the card with the PIN codes, are unable to use the online services.

The Citizen Card unblocking and PUK (personal code to unblock access to the PIN) recovery desk works only by scheduling, on weekdays, from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m..

The scheduling is made online or through the Citizen Card Line 210 990 111.

Source: Portal IRN (IRN Portal)