The ePortugal is here!

14.02.2019 | AMA

Your new public services Portal is now available.

The ePortugal is more accessible, offering new features, new contents and a new fully customizable image. As it is more digital, it centralizes the access to Public Administration’s digital services and waivers the need to travel to face-to-face service points.

From now on, the contact is always handy. The users who wish to be contacted may request it, preferably by email, but also by phone.

More inclusive, it is a Portal for everyone and it was optimized to be used in any device, either a computer, smartphone or tablet.

The ePortugal is now even more yours and it offers an integrated view regarding the relationship of one with the State, through the consultation of the reserved area. It may be adapted to each user, with a homepage which may be customized, changing the menus and colours and making its use more intuitive and adjusted to one’s needs.

There are more contents, with the most relevant services for citizens and companies in a simpler and clearer language. The set of services and applications also grew, highlighting the Citizen Map, with the geo-reference of all State’s services, the Citizen Agenda, the Documents Folder and the Online Certificates.

Therefore, ePortugal.