European Elections: early voting

09.05.2019 | AMA

The voters travelling on the election day for the European Parliament, 26 May, must express their intention to exercise early voting between 9 and 16 May.

This request is submitted to the electoral administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ General Secretariat (SGMAI) and may be carried out in two ways:

The early voting for voters travelling is carried out on 19 May at a polling station chosen by the voter, with 22 polling stations available.

The voters living abroad may exercise their voting right between 14 and 16 May, before the diplomatic, consular or external delegations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The sick or hospitalized voters and the voters in jail, not prevented from exercising political rights, who request early voting may vote between 13 and 16 May on the respective establishments where they are.

To learn more, consult the Voter’s Portal.