Government launches Digital Transition Action Plan


The Action Plan for the Digital Transition, prepared at the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transition, was published in the Official Gazette on 21 April.

The plan's pillars are the digital empowerment of people, the digital transformation of companies and the digitization of the State, and it presents 12 measures.

As regards the digitisation of the State, the following measures were submitted:

e-Residency Program
This measure is contemplated in the Simplex 2019 Programme and intends to create a digital identity concept using the Digital Mobile Key, allowing citizens, nationals or foreigners not resident in the country, to use Portuguese public services in its online version.

Digitisation of the 25 most used public services by citizens and companies 
This measure aims to ensure simplification and online access to the 25 most used administrative services, and to ensure that all citizens have access to digital public services.

Increase in the offer and translation of digital services of interest to the internationalization of the ePortugal portal
The Government intends to ensure that the services provided on the ePortugal portal have multi-language capabilities and information content and electronic forms translated into languages other than Portuguese, ideally always by default into English.

Cloud Strategy for Public Administration 
This measure aims to create a strategic framework for the integration of Public Administration in the cloud, through the adoption of computing tools that work in the "cloud".

Simplification of the hiring of information and communication technology services by the Public Administration 
This measure aims to adopt an exceptional scheme for the acquisition of goods and services within the scope of information and knowledge technologies, as per the specific legislation.

In addition to the measures summarised above, the following are also part of the Action Plan for the Digital Transition:

  • Scanning Programme for School
  • Intensive and specialized digital training programme for 3,000 professionals - UpSkill
  • Digital Inclusion Programme for 1 million adults
  • Social tariff for access to Internet services
  • Promotion of Technology Free Zones through the creation of special regulatory schemes
  • Digital Indoor SME Capacity Building Programme +CO3SO Digital
  • Digital Innovation Hubs for Entrepreneurship.

More information in the Resolution of the Council of Ministers and the presentation of the  Action Plan for the Digital Transition.