Identification on the phone

21.05.2019 | AMA

The measure “Identification on the Phone”, integrated in the Simplex+ 2018 programme aims to “create a prototype which provides, on smartphones, an authentic and certified image of an identification document. Besides the image, the application allows the confirmation of the authenticity of the card through a public verification code consulted online”.

Therefore, and pursuant to article 4-A of the Law no. 37/2014, of 26 June, the mobile application was created.

The application allows the citizen to access, at any moment, the data of the identification documents or of others issued by public entities.

The data of the Citizen Card, Driving License and ADSE Card are already available and, in the future, the integration of data present in other documents is envisaged.

The presents features for the visualization and sharing of the documents’ data and the validation of these identification data is carried out through a “QR Code” validator, available on the menu, or through the download of a certified PDF file, which may be electronically shared, with the data on the document, in order to confirm its authenticity.

To install the on the phone, the user must hold an active Digital Mobile Key (CMD), necessary for all features of the application, which shall be used not only for the authentication process, but also for all actions carried out in the app.

The application also works offline; however, when offline, it is not possible to carry out the validation through the QR code, update the data or generate PDF documents.