PRR: New Capitalization and Resilience Fund Investment Programs


Banco Português de Fomento (BPF) launched two new Investment Programs of the Capitalization and Resilience Fund (FdCR), with an amount of 400 million euros, under the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP).

The new programs, Deal-by-Deal Co-Investment Program and Venture Capital Program, are mainly aimed at investing in starting companies. 

Deal-by-Deal Co-Investment Program

The Deal-by-Deal Co-Investment Program is aimed at direct financing operations in companies, in partnership with private investors, and has the following objectives

  • foster the establishment of new companies and/or corporate capitalization
  • promote market entry and growth/expansion of viable companies 
  • strengthen the solvency of companies 
  • contribute to solving the problem of undercapitalization of the Portuguese business fabric
  • fill the market gap in terms of access to financial instruments and capital for companies
  • support corporate consolidation
  • promote the financial resilience of the Portuguese economic fabric.

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Venture Capital Program

The Venture Capital Program is aimed at:

  • support the sub