Social Security to open jobs positions in five european countries


Germany, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Switzerland will be the first countries to receive social security representations abroad. The "social benefits of social security system, including pensions, as well as the area of contributions", will be the focus of attention in these five countries.

The measure, foreseen in a joint decree of the Ministries of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security and Foreign Affairs, aims to "create legal solutions that allow the functioning of Social Security teams abroad, namely for face-to-face service, essentially directed at the Portuguese immigrant community".

For its operationalisation, the main technical assistants will be appointed to these consular posts as representatives of social security.

According to the news on the Government portal, the choice of these five countries, without prejudice to enlargement to other communities in the future, fell on the European countries where the Portuguese emigrant community has a relevant dimension or specificities that justify it.

Source: Government Portal