Citizen Cards can now be renewed in more than 600 Citizen Spots


The Citizen Spots will allow the renewal of the Citizen Card, amounting to 970 places where this service will be possible. The measure was presented at the Citizen Spot of Sobreda, in Almada, and is expected to be concluded in April this year.

This new measure allows citizens who do not have a Digital Mobile Key, nor PIN codes of the Citizen Card, to renew the card without having to go to a registry office.

The Citizen Map of the ePortugal portal is available to find the nearest Citizen Spot. Portugal already has 640 Citizen Spots, accounting for more than 6 million services since 2014.

In addition to the renewal in the Citizen Spots, you can renew online or schedule the renewal at a service desk of the Registries and Notary Institute.

Source: Agency for Administrative Modernisation