Local Centres of migrants’ Integration Support (CLAIM)

The Local Centres of Migrants’ Integration Support are decentralized welcoming, information and support offices or spaces connected to the National Centres of Migrants’ Integration Support (CNAIM) of Lisbon, North and Algarve.

The CLAIM aim to provide, to the citizens/migrants, articulated local responses regarding their welcoming and integration needs, contributing for an image of a Constitutional State with a human face which, complying with the law, wants to offer a warm welcome.

Currently, there are 99 CLAIM, resulting from partnerships established by the Cooperation Protocol between ACM, I.P. and the local Autarchies, Regional Government of Madeira and Civil Society entities, distributed throughout the country and islands. The operation hours are established by the partner entity, according to the needs and most operate from Monday to Friday within working hours.

In certain regions, this service is provided “on the move”, bringing the service to the citizens/migrants who would not, otherwise, have access to it due to mobility issues or lack of other resources.

Any citizen/migrant may access the CLAIM, answering their needs within different areas, such as:

  • Regularization of the migratory situation
  • Nationality
  • Family reunification
  • Housing
  • Work
  • Social Security
  • Voluntary return
  • Health
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Support to Associativism
  • Others.

The customer services provided by CLAIM are free of charge.


It is recommended to pre-schedule for in-person service, through the Siga scheduling portal and the Siga app (Android/IOS) or by phone.

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