Consult the customs tariff

Consult online the data on the custom duties and other levies, restrictions and prohibitions to the import and export of goods.


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  • Access through the 'Consult now' button to consult the customs tariff information.


  • Free of charge
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Who can Consult the customs tariff?

  • Any individual or entity.

Where can you Consult the customs tariff?

What is the Price to Consult the customs tariff?

The consultation of the customs tariff is free of charge.

How can you Consult the customs tariff?

Access the Finances Portal.

You may, immediately, consult the data on:

  • the classification of the goods on the customs tariff (nomenclature framework); 
  • the custom duties and other levies applicable to the imported goods (VAT, special consumer taxes and Vehicle Tax);
  • the remaining measures applicable to the import and export of goods (customs clearance restrictions, prohibitions and conditions).


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