Consult VAT

Information and the possibility to consult the taxpayer's VAT situation online.

Service channels

Who can consult VAT?

When can you consult VAT?

At any time after registration as a VAT taxable person.

Where consult VAT?

What are the documents and requirements to consult VAT?

What is the Price to consult VAT?

It is free of charge.

What is the Deadline to consult VAT?

Immediate, after registration as a VAT taxable person.

How consult VAT?

It provides systematically and immediately all available tax information on the VAT status of the taxpayer:

  • The periodical statements submitted;

  • The missing statements;

  • The recapitulative statements submitted;

  • The requests for refunds from other Member States;

VAT returns can be consulted in two different ways:

  • By selecting the year and period of the declaration submitted;

  • By selecting the "Missing Declarations".

The status of the VAT and refund applications can be found under "Os Seus Serviços  > IVA > Consultar > Informação Financeira".