Online Company #8211 Incorporation

Use the Online Company service to easily and quickly start a company.

You no longer need to go to a service desk to set up commercial companies and civil law companies having a commercial form. You can incorporate your company online, at any time. This service enables the incorporation of:

  • Private Limited Companies
  • Sole quotaholder Private Limited Companies
  • Public Limited Companies.

Service channels

Find out how to incorporate
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    Available to all citizens with Citizen Card with their digital signature or Digital mobile key (CMD) activated

    See the associated costs in the 'What is the price' field.

Who can online company #8211 incorporation?

What are the documents and requirements to online company #8211 incorporation?

  • As a rule, no preparatory documents are required to incorporate a company, as long as the articles of association contain all information required by law.

    Depending on the situation in question and on the analysis carried out by these services, among others, you may need the following documents:

    • Declaration of acceptance from the Certified Accountants (ROC) when appointed in the memorandum and articles of association itself
    • Declaration from the actual shareholder controlling the company
    • Declaration of acceptance from the manager or administrator and declaration stating having no knowledge of any circumstances preventing them from occupying the position, when appointed in the memorandum and articles of association.

Where online company #8211 incorporation?

The incorporation of an Online Company is online at the ePortugal portal.

How online company #8211 incorporation?

The Online Company service is available at portal ePortugal, which can be accessed from a computer or other mobile device at your home, office or another place with Internet access.

To start a company online:

  1. Access portal ePortugal, authenticate yourself using either the citizen card or digital mobile key, and fill in the required fields (name, email, telephone/mobile phone, civil identification number and address)
  2. State the company name of your choice (enter up to 9 options), or choose  the company name from the names available in the list of company names or designations or enter the access code to the certificate of admissibility if you have one previously approved
  3. Fill in the information about the company and of persons/entities involved. You can also join an arbitration centre
  4. Submit the digitally signed memorandum and articles of association through the available means
  5. Make the payment.

What is the price to online company #8211 incorporation?

The cost of setting up a company varies according to the service used:

  • 220 euros - in case of incorporating a company with a pre-approved memorandum and articles of association
  • 360 euros - in case of incorporating a company with a memorandum and articles of association drawn up by the company.

If the company has a trademark associated with one class of goods or services, it costs more 100 euros. Each additional class costs 44 euros.

Payment methods

You may pay:

  • with credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • on ATM machines or on your bank’s website.