Declare a death

In Portugal, when an individual dies, it is necessary to declare the death - that is, to inform the State that this individual has passed away.

The death of a Portuguese citizen abroad must also be declared in Portugal.


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Learn how and where you can declare a death

Declare on location
  • You can declare at the civil registry offices or at the IRN's Registry Spaces
  • Free of charge
  • The registration is required and must be declared within 48 hours after the death

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Who can Declare a death?

  • The death declaration may be carried out:

    • by the individual or entity responsible for the funeral (usually the mortuary agency)
    • by the director or manager of the hospital unit where the individual has passed away
    • by the closest family member of the individual who passed away, who was present at the time of the death
    • by other family members who were present at the time of the death
    • by the religious minister (for instance: a priest, a pastor, a rabbi or an imam) who was present at the time of the death
    • by the police or administrative authorities, if the dead body has been abandoned
    • by the owners of the house where the individual has passed away.

When can you Declare a death?

Until 48 hours after:

  • the death
  • the autopsy
  • the dead body has been found
  • the autopsy has been waivered
  • a copy of the burial license issued by a police authority has been received.

Where can you Declare a death?

What are the documents and requirements to Declare a death?

    • You will need the death certificate. You do not have to bring it as the certificate is issued and electronically sent to the Registries and Notary Institute.
    • Although it is not mandatory, the individual who requests the certificate must bring an identification document of the deceased individual, such as the citizen card or the identity document, so that the data is as complete as possible.
  • If the death occurred abroad

    You need to bring:

    • the death certificate issued by the authorities of the country where the individual passed away
    • the translation of that death certificate.

    If the individual has passed away abroad, the death may be declared at a civil registry office or at the Portuguese consulate.

What is the Price to Declare a death?

It's free of charge.

How can you Declare a death?

  1. Go to a Civil Registry Office and bring the necessary documents with you.
  2. After you register the death, you will be given a free certificate which serves as a burial license and allows the execution of the funeral.

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