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  • Available at anytime
  • The cost varies between € 43.05 and € 141.45
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Who can Programa SolTerm 5?


When can you Programa SolTerm 5?

  • Any time.

Where can you Programa SolTerm 5?

What are the documents and requirements to Programa SolTerm 5?


What is the Price to Programa SolTerm 5?

  • The license is granted at a price that covers the costs of developing, maintaining, distributing and servicing the software, as LNEG is legally permitted to obtain as its own revenue.
    • 1 to 4 licenses: € 141.45 each License;
    • 5 to 9 licenses: € 123.00 each License;
    • 10 or more: € 104.55 each License;
    • for educational purposes (students, schools): € 43.05 each License;
    • plus € 18.45 and shipping * if you wish the program on physical media.
  • Replacement of Physical Support (CD or Pen):
  • When the physical installation media has broken, is lost, or if the entity changes designation but not the person for whom the license is requested, replacement hardware may be requested. This will contain the same license number as the originally requested CD.
    • 18,45 € each license and shipping *
  • Note: Prices indicated include VAT at the legal rate in force, 23%.
  • Payment options:
    • Payment in cash.
  • * These values also add to the postage and billing charges depending on the number of licenses (typically in the range of 5 to 15 Euro).

What is the Deadline to Programa SolTerm 5?

  • From three to ten business days.

How can you Programa SolTerm 5?


What is the support legislation?

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