Register on the Funds Platform

The Funds Platform (Balcão dos Fundos) is intended for all entities (natural and legal persons) wishing to apply for support under Portugal 2020, Portugal 2030 and the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP).

Service channels

Find out where you can register

  • Register online

    Natural and legal persons with a Portuguese tax number or NIPC may register.

    Free of charge

    Telephone support is available when registering – please call 800 10 35 10. You can also schedule a video call – click on ‘Support’ on the right of the page and schedule a time.

Who can register on the Funds Platform?

When can you register on the Funds Platform?

You must register on the Funds Platform before the date on which you wish to apply for support.

To submit an application, natural or legal persons must be registered on the Funds Platform.

What are the documents and requirements to register on the Funds Platform?

What is the price to register on the Funds Platform?

It is free of charge.

How register on the Funds Platform?

To start the registration process, first make sure you have a means of authentication.

To register: go to the registration page and choose the option you prefer.

Enter the email and password you want to use for your registration. This email will also be your contact with the Funds Platform. It is not possible to register with an email that has already been used on the Funds Platform (if you are not sure, please contact us through the available channels).

Confirm your email: you will receive an email with a confirmation link that is valid for 24 hours, to confirm your registration. If you do not confirm within 24 hours, you will need to create a new registration.

Complete the entity’s information: log in with your tax number and password to complete the information missing in the ‘Entity Details’ (Dados da Entidade) section. This information is mandatory to submit an application.

If you are already registered on the Funds Platform, you can retrieve your password by entering your username (i.e. your tax number) and the email you are trying to register with.

Additional information