Informações sobre como e onde realizar o processo preliminar de casamento no estrangeiro.

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Any citizen with Portuguese living abroad.

At any time, during the opening hours of the counters.

  • Documents and requirements:

    • Complete narrative birth certificate of each one, issued less than six months, obtained by the consular post if you are a Portuguese citizen

    • Identity Card / Citizen Card of each one or Passport of each one

    • Antenuptial Agreement or certificate of the respective deed if applicable

    • Document proving your residence in that country, indicating the start date

    • Marriage certificate, in case of registrations by transcription

  • If the groom is a minor:
    • Self-Consent for Minor Marriage

    • If the Portuguese groom was born abroad:

    • Certificate of local birth registration

  • If you are a foreign national:
    • Birth certificate issued by the civil registry of the country of origin and its translation

    • Valid identity card or passport or equivalent document

    • Certificate of matrimonial capacity or Declaration that, according to its personal law, no impediment to the conclusion of the marriage, which will be affixed to the initial declaration for marriage, if it is not possible to present the certificate because there is no diplomatic representation of the country of the marriage. nationality or other force majeure.


Payment of the fees due can be made:

  • In cash
  • By bank transfer, to IBAN PT50 0781 0112 0000 0006 660 73, upon submission of the respective proof
  • By certified check, for values over 50 euros.

Portuguese citizens residing abroad who wish to marry may do so before:

  • The consular agent
  • Competent local authorities
  • Ministers of Catholic worship.


Marriage contracted abroad, before the competent local authorities or ministers of Catholic worship, should also be preceded by the preliminary marriage process, organized before the consular agents.

A Portuguese citizen who has been married abroad to the local authorities may transcribe his or her marriage into the Portuguese legal system in order to register his marriage in Portugal. If the marriage is made to the consular agent, the respective marriage seat will be drawn up by registration.

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