Schedule an appointment at the health centre

Schedule an appointment at the health centre where you are registered. The scheduling is free of charge and may be carried out in person, online or by phone.


Information about in-person services may be out of date. Given the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary to schedule for most public service counters.
Confirm the updated information on the page COVID-19 (new coronavirus): information about public services..

Learn where you can do the service and what the advantages of each channel

Schedule now
  • Schedule your appointment through the 'Schedule online' button.
  • This service can be done with video call support. Click on the "Support" button on the right side of the page and schedule.
  • Consult the 'What is the price' field
  • Schedule your appointment any time.
Schedule on the location
  • Mark your appointment at one of the health centers.
  • Consult the 'What is the price' field
  • You just need your Citizen Card.

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What are the documents and requirements to Schedule an appointment at the health centre?

  • Online

    You will need one of the following sign in means to access the Citizen’s Area:

  • On the location

    Display your Citizen Card, which contains your SNS’s user number.
  • By phone

    Indicate your SNS’s user number.

What is the Price to Schedule an appointment at the health centre?

On the day of the appointment, you must pay an user charge, if you are not exempt or excused from its payment.

Amount of the user charges:

  • General and family medicine appointment or another not-specialized appointment - €4.5
  • Nursing appointment or with other healthcare professionals within the scope of primary healthcare - €3.5
  • Home visit - €9.0
  • Medical appointment without the user being present - €2.5

If you are not registered in the SNS or if the healthcare costs are borne by an entity (for instance, an insurance company), you must pay the total amount for the healthcare provided.

Exemption from the user charges

Some individuals are exempt from the payment of the user charges. To know when it applies, consult the information on the exemption from user charges.

How can you Schedule an appointment at the health centre?


  1. Access the Citizen’s Area of the National Health Service portal and insert your access data.
  2. In the menu, select “Appointments, Prescriptions and Exams > Appointments > Scheduling”.
  3. Follow the instructions to schedule the appointment.

On the location

  1. Go to the health centre and request the scheduling of an appointment.

By phone


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