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Who can get clarification on complaint of the grant practice?

The complainant (s) must represent a significant proportion of the EU industry. In practice, this means that the complainant must have the support of European producers representing at least 25% of the Union's total production.

Undertakings may choose as a representative a natural or legal person, a non-legal association or an ad hoc association set up to represent individual undertakings to collect the necessary information and submit it to the Commission.

However, the representative must prove that he has been authorized to act on behalf of the industry. Experience shows that a European association is generally better placed to do so. However, if there is no European confederation or national associations, companies may, individually, submit a case directly to the Commission.

When can you get clarification on complaint of the grant practice?

At any time, after noting the practice of subsidization by the authorities of third countries.

Where can you get clarification on complaint of the grant practice?

What are the documents and requirements for obtaining clarification on complaint of the grant practice?

A complaint must be properly documented and substantiated. Complainants should provide the best available information and, where possible, provide evidence from commercial sources or from other sources accessible to the public. Explicitly indicate all calculations and sources of the data used, marking the period to which the data refers. In the body of the complaint, include only the values and tables strictly necessary. All other elements must be included in the annexes, to which the text must refer. All amounts should be converted into the same currency, preferably in Euros, indicating the exchange rates used and the period to which they refer.

What is the Price to get clarification on complaint of the subsidy practice?

It is free.

How can you get clarification on complaint of the grant practice?

On the external trade front, the European Union (EU) is governed by a general framework for the liberalization of trade, without prejudice to the possibility of recourse to certain procedures aimed at safeguarding the market against certain unfair trade practices in third countries. is an unfair trade practice condemned by the World Trade Organization (WTO) Anti-subsidy Code, which sets out the exact requirements and procedures that all WTO members must follow to counter this practice.

The Directorate General of Economic Activities (DGAE) of the Ministry of Economy (ME) is responsible for the Portuguese representation in the Committee of Commercial Defense Instruments of the European Commission, ensuring regular contact with the State Organizations involved, economic agents and their structures with a view to defining the national position to be defended. Where subsidy practices are found, a complaint may be lodged with the responsible authorities of the EU.

What is the support legislation?

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