Request portuguese nationality

Learn more about if you can obtain the Portuguese nationality and how to submit the request.

If you obtain the Portuguese nationality, you are now a Portuguese citizen and are bound to rights and duties connected to Portugal.


A informação sobre o serviço Pedir a nacionalidade portuguesa está a ser revista em virtude da publicação das últimas alterações ao Regulamento da Nacionalidade Portuguesa

Consulte a informação atualizada sobre a Lei da Nacionalidade na notícia "Alterações à Lei da Nacionalidade entram em vigor dia 15 de abril" publicada no ePortugal. 

Learn where you can carry out the service and what are the advantages of each channel

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  • You can find out what stage your nationality application is at and if you have been notified by mail
  • Free
  • Just need your password
Change at a location
  • Consult the "Where" to know where it is possible to request Portuguese nationality.
  • Free
  • At any time, during opening hours.

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Who can Request portuguese nationality?

  • As a rule, you can request the Portuguese nationality in any of these cases:

    • if you were born in Portugal
    • if you have Portuguese parents or grandparents
    • if you are married to a Portuguese citizen
    • if have been legally residing in Portugal for at least 5 years.

Where can you Request portuguese nationality?

What are the documents and requirements to Request portuguese nationality?

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