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On the Ministry of Education's Portal das Matrículas (Enrolments Portal), you can make school transfer requests in preschool, primary and secondary education in public schools of the Ministry of Education, private and IPSS or equivalent.


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Who can Request a school transfer?

  • Guardians and educational agents who have responsibilities in the transfer of enrolment processes.

When can you Request a school transfer?

You can make transfer requests after 12 September.

What are the documents and requirements to Request a school transfer?

What is the Price to Request a school transfer?

Free of charge.

What is the Deadline to Request a school transfer?

The time to fill in the form in the Portal das Matrículas (Enrolments Portal) is about 5 minutes. When you finish, you will receive the confirmation by email, if you authorize this communication during the completion. You will also receive notifications by email and on the Portal das Matrículas about the status of the process.

How can you Request a school transfer?

To request the school transfer, the Guardian should, after logging in to the Portal das Matrículas, follow the 6 steps identified below:
  1. Consent
  2. Data of the Guardian
  3. General Student Data
  4. Enrolment Data
  5. Evidence
  6. Confirm data

What is the support legislation?

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