Request a divorce process certificate

A divorce certificate is a certified copy if the divorce by mutual consent process’s content.


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Learn how and where you can request a divorce process certificate

Request on the location
  • At the civil registry offices, IRN’s Registry Spaces or at the Citizen Bureaus
  • See the associated costs in the 'What is the price' field
  • The certificate is delivered at the moment

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Who can Request a divorce process certificate?

  • The individuals who requested the divorce (in person or through a representative), when this divorce process was completed at a civil registry office.

Where can you Request a divorce process certificate?

What is the Price to Request a divorce process certificate?

The price depends on the number of pages of the certificate.

Up to 10 pages


For each page after the 10th page:

€1 per page


However, the certificate can never cost more than €150.

You may pay with:

  • Multibanco
  • Cash
  • Certified or bank cheque to the order of IRN, in euros, from a bank represented in Portugal and withdrawn from an account domiciled in Portugal
  • Postal order to IRN.

How can you Request a divorce process certificate?

The certificate must be requested in person and is delivered in the moment.

What is the support legislation?

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