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The Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional (IEFP) (Employment and Professional Training Institute)  has several measures to help the job-seekers enter into the labour market.

These measures include, for instance, supports to entrepreneurship, traineeships, compensation for jobs with a salary below the unemployment benefit and support to the integration of handicapped or disabled individuals.

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Who can seek supports to get a job?

What are the documents and requirements to seek supports to get a job?

  • The requirements and necessary documents vary accordingly to the support. To learn more about each support, consult the Supports to the Employment page on the IEFP portal.

How seek supports to get a job?

The IEFP has a set of employment programmes and measures aimed to ease the access of unemployed citizens to the labour market. 

  1. Supports to entrepreneurship and self-employment initiatives
    These supports offer measures with different goals:
  • Self-employment initiatives

Support to the development of business projects which allow the individuals currently receiving the unemployment benefit to create, for themselves, a full-time job. 
This is carried out through the advanced payment of the unemployment benefit’s instalments the individual has yet to receive so that this money can be used to fund their project.

  • Business creation

Supports small or cooperative business creation projects, with access to more favourable credit conditions (guarantees and reasonable interest rates).

  • Microcredit

Supports business creation projects by individuals with an entrepreneur profile, although with special difficulties of access to the labour market. The support is provided through the credit to incorporate projects which imply low investment and funding values.

  • Youth Invest

Supports business creation projects submitted by young unemployed individuals, through the:

  • financial support to the investment
  • financial support to self-employment initiatives
  • technical support to reinforce competences on the entrepreneurship area and to the project’s structure.
  1. Traineeships

Traineeships, with a duration of 9 months, on which the unemployed citizens shall practice and improve their competences on a certain profession. Therefore, they increase the probability of finding a job in that area.

  1. Support to geographic mobility

It is a financial support given to the unemployed citizens who accept a job or establish their self-employment away from home. It aims to facilitate their mobility.

  1. Employment-inclusion

It means undertaking socially necessary work when there are no other employment or professional training alternatives. This work is carried out on non-profit entities and is aimed for unemployed citizens receiving the unemployment benefit or the income support allowance.

  1. Vocational rehabilitation

There is a set of measures to support the qualification and the employment of handicapped or disabled people.

  1. Incentive to the acceptance of offers

This financial support aims to compensate the unemployed citizens who want to accept a job offer which offers a salary lower than the unemployment benefit they are receiving.

  1. Sign in on a employment service of the IEFP network, if you are not signed in yet.
  2. Show your interest to benefit from one of these supports and check if you meet the necessary conditions.

Consult the Supports to the Employment page on the IEFP portal to learn more about each support and know if you meet the necessary conditions to benefit from any of them.

On the Training Modalities page, you may also find supports to receive training on different professional areas.