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All children born in Portugal must be registered, even if the parents are not Portuguese citizens. Registering a birth is mandatory.

Children born abroad to at least one Portuguese parent are entitled to Portuguese citizenship.

During the online birth registration application process it is also possible to apply for the Citizen's Card. 

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Who can Register a birth?

A birth can be registered online by:

  • either parent, if the parents are married;
  • both parents, if they are not married (one parent submits the declaration containing information about the birth; the other parent then receives an email to confirm the declaration).

A birth can be registered in person by:

  • one or both parents, whether they are married or not;
  • any person who has written authorisation from the parents;
  • the closest relative who is aware of the birth;
  • a manager, administrator or any other person from the healthcare unit where the child was born or the birth was reported.

Note: if the parents are not married, the father must be present at the time of registration in order to claim paternity of the child. Otherwise, he will have to register his paternity at a later stage.

What are the documents and requirements to Register a birth?

Online registration is only possible for children born in Portugal, a European Union Member State or the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland). For children born in other countries, the birth must be registered at the responsible consular post.

To register a birth online or in person, you must:

  • provide proof of birth in the form of a document issued by the hospital where the child was born or by another administrative body;
  • state the full names of the parents and grandparents;
  • indicate the details of the birth and the child, such as the name, which must adhere to certain rules (no more than two given names and four surnames);
  • specify the maternity clinic or hospital where the child was born;
  • if you are applying for online registration and want to apply for the Citizen's Card choose the "yes" option
  • attach a photo of the baby and proof of birth, in PDF, PNG, JPG or JPEG format (it can be a scan or a photo, as long as it is legible)
  • provide certain details relating to the birth and the household as required by Statistics Portugal (for births in Portugal).

When registering a birth abroad, you must additionally:

  • state whether you wish the child to have Portuguese citizenship;
  • where possible, provide the local birth certificate.

Note: documents for children born abroad must be written in French, English or Spanish. If a document is in any other language, you should enclose, preferably, the local birth certificate accompanied by a multilingual standard form (this can only be used by the authorities) or, alternatively, a certified Portuguese translation of the local birth register entry or of the birth declaration issued by the hospital or maternity clinic.

What is the Price to Register a birth?

It is free of charge.

Note: If during the birth registration process you ask for the Citizen Card, the request has a cost of 7.50€.

What is the Deadline to Register a birth?

Births in Portugal must be registered as soon as possible at the maternity clinic or hospital. If this is impossible, the birth must be registered within 20 days of taking place.

Births in the European Union or the United Kingdom may be registered in Portugal online within 1 year of taking place. However, it is recommended that the birth be registered as soon as possible.

Births occurring abroad more than 1 year previously can only be registered in person, as special rules require that checks be performed by the registration services.

How can you Register a birth?


Your registration is not yet complete after submitting your application online. You will receive automatic emails enabling you to monitor the progress of your registration.

The birth declaration is sent for validation to the civil registry of the municipality where the birth occurred. The certificate is not issued until after the birth is registered, and will be sent to your home address free of charge. You will receive a PDF copy of the register entry by email, for information purposes.

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