Request the survivor’s pension

It is a monthly instalment in cash, which aims to compensate the family members of the beneficiary for the loss of the work income arising from his/her death.

This pension is assigned if the deceased beneficiary contributed to Social Security for more than 36 months (general scheme) or 72 months if he/she was covered by the Voluntary Social Security scheme, among other conditions.


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Who can Request the survivor’s pension?

  • To the survivor’s pension are entitled the following individuals, provided that certain conditions are observed:

    • spouse
    • ex-spouse
    • individual with whom the deceased was on a non-marital relationship
    • descendants, including the unborn and the fully adopted
    • step-children
    • grandchildren
    • ancestors.

When can you Request the survivor’s pension?

You may request the pension at any moment from the date of death or disappearance (if the authorities believe the individual to be dead).


  • if you request it within six months from the month following the death or disappearance, you are entitled to the instalment from that month.
  • if you request it after that period, you are only entitled to it from the month following the request’s delivery.

What are the documents and requirements to Request the survivor’s pension?

How can you Request the survivor’s pension?

You can request the survivor’s pension:

  • By mail

If you send the request by mail, you should also send a self-addressed and sealed envelope for Social Security to return the request’s proof document.

You must submit the request, Mod.RP 5075-DGSS, together with the documents indicated.

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