Request the old-age pension

It is an amount paid monthly, aimed to protect the beneficiaries of the general social security scheme, in the case of old-age, replacing the work wages (from 66 years and 7 months in 2022 and 66 years and 4 months in 2023).

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    With a maximum advance of 3 months
  • Free of charge

    With a maximum advance of 3 months

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Who can request the old-age pension?

When can you request the old-age pension?

The application can be filed no more than 3 months before the date on which the beneficiary wishes to start the pension.

What are the documents and requirements to request the old-age pension?

  • Documents to be submitted:

    • Form Mod.RP5068-DGSS
    • Identification document (Citizen Card, Identity Card or Passport)
    • Document proving that you are covered by a special situation or regime
    • Residence Permit, if you are a foreign citizen
    • Fiscal identification document, if you do not have a Citizen Card
    • IBAN proof, if you want the payment to be made by bank transfer
    • Documents proving the time of compulsory military service, if you have not requested to count the time of military service
    • Declaration of Professional Activity Exercised (Mod. RP 5023-DGSS), in the case of Old Age Pension for anticipation of the normal access age
    • Medical Certificate of Multipurpose Disability of the beneficiary and/or his/her spouse, in case of having a degree of disability equal or superior to 60%.


    After applying online, your application will be approved automatically and a provisional pension* will be awarded within 24 hours if you meet the following requirements:

    • have the normal pensionable age
    • have the required number of years of insurance to qualify for the pension (at least 15 years, or 144 months in the SSV)
    • have a contributive career only in Social Security
    • be covered by the normal retirement scheme, not having special careers
    • be a resident in Portugal
    • not have any debts to Social Security, as a self-employed worker.

    * NB: The provisional value of the pension is calculated on the basis of the information available regarding the contribution career of the applicant at the date of the application. If the information is sufficient, the provisional pension is awarded and, after confirmation by the Social Security services, may be revised to a definitive amount, with retroactive effect.

    If the applicant does not meet the requirements, the application will be reviewed by Social Security at a later date and the status of the application can be monitored online.

    For more information on the conditions for access to the old-age pension, see the Social Security portal.

What is the price to request the old-age pension?

It is free of charge.

How request the old-age pension?


Fill out the online form and upload the documents:

In the SSD, you can see the calculation of the old age pension, the years of insurance and the estimated gross amount of the pension to be received.

On site

Fill in the form Mod.RP5068-DGSS and submit the documents:

  • At the Social Security offices
  • At the institutions foreseen in the applicable international instruments and, in their absence, at the National Pensions Centre, in the case of beneficiaries living abroad.

By mail

Fill in form Mod.RP5068-DGSS and send it, together with the documents, to one of the Social Security reception services.

What is the support legislation?

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