Request the old-age social pension

It is a monetary instalment, assigned monthly, from the normal age of access to the old-age pension of the general social security scheme, which 66 years and 5 months.


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Who can Request the old-age social pension?

  • To the old-age pension are entitled the below listed citizens who meet the assignment conditions:

    National citizens residing in Portugal.
  • Foreign citizens, residing in Portugal, covered by the community regulations of Social Security (EU’s Member-States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) and by the international Social Security instruments in force in Portugal (Australia, Brazil, Cape Verde and Canada).

When can you Request the old-age social pension?

From 66 years and 5 months in 2020.

What are the documents and requirements to Request the old-age social pension?

    • The citizens may not be covered by any mandatory social protection scheme or by the transitional scheme for rural citizens or, if they are, they cannot meet the guarantee periods established for the access to the pension.
    • The citizens, as old-age or survival pensioners, are entitled to a pension with an amount lower than the social pension.
    • The citizens have gross monthly income equal or lower than 40% of the value of the social support index, in the case of individuals, or 60%, in the case of a couple.

    To learn more details about the conditions of access to the old-age pension, consult the Social Security’s portal.

How can you Request the old-age social pension?

On the location

At the Social Security service desks.

You must submit the request Mod.RP5002-DGSS together with the documents therein.

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