Request the family allowance for children and adolescents

The family allowance is an instalment in cash, paid monthly, to compensate the family charges related to the support and education of children and adolescents.


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Who can Request the family allowance for children and adolescents?

  • The family allowance request may be submitted:

    • by the parents, individuals compared to parents or legal representatives, provided that the child or adolescent is included on their household
    • by the individual or institution responsible for the child or adolescent
    • by the adolescent, if they are over 18 years old.

    If there is more than one child or adolescent receiving an allowance on the same family, the request must be submitted by the same person.

When can you Request the family allowance for children and adolescents?

You may request the family allowance at any moment. Nevertheless:

  • if you request it within six months from the month following the occurrence of the fact which determines its assignment (for instance, birth, attendance of the educational level required for the age), you are entitled to the allowance from that month.
  • if you request it after that period, you are only entitled to it from the month following the request’s delivery.

What are the documents and requirements to Request the family allowance for children and adolescents?

To the family allowance for children and adolescents are entitled the individuals:

  • who reside in Portugal or are compared to residents
  • who do not work, except if the work is provided under a work contract on the school’s vacation period
  • whose household:
  • has a reference income equal or lower than the amount established for the 3rd income bracket or, equal or lower than the 4th income bracket in the case of children younger than 72 months or for individuals deemed isolated (consult the income brackets and the calculation method of the reference value)
  • does not hold movable heritage (for instance, bank accounts, shares, investment funds, etc.) higher than 240 times the amount of the Social Support Indexation.

From 16 years old, the adolescents are only entitled to the family allowance if they attend the required educational levels.

How can you Request the family allowance for children and adolescents?


At Direct Social Security.

On the location

You must submit the request, Mod.RP 5045-DGSS, together with the documents indicated.


O valor do abono de família para crianças ou jovens é calculado em função:

  • da idade da criança ou jovem
  • da composição do agregado familiar
  • do rendimento de referência do agregado familiar da criança ou jovem (mediante o escalão de que fizer parte, indexado ao valor do Indexante de Apoio Social).

O valor do abono pode ser maior:

  • nas situações de monoparentalidade (35 % sobre os respetivos valores)
  • nas famílias mais numerosas (2 ou mais crianças com idade até aos 36 meses).

Para saber o valor do abono que vai receber, consulte o portal da Segurança Social (no separador “Qual a duração e o valor a receber”).

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