Request the prenatal family allowance

The prenatal family allowance is an instalment in cash, assigned to the pregnant woman from the 13th pregnancy week, which aims to promote motherhood through the compensation of the charges accrued during the pregnancy.


This instalment is assigned for 6 months, from the month following the 13th pregnancy week or until the time of the birth.


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Who can Request the prenatal family allowance?

The prenatal allowance must be requested by the pregnant woman or on her behalf by the correspondent legal representative.

When can you Request the prenatal family allowance?

You may request the prenatal allowance from the 13th pregnancy week or within 6 months from the month following the birth.

In this case, you must request the prenatal family allowance together with the family allowance for children and adolescents. If you do not so within this period, you lose the right to the prenatal family allowance.

Where can you Request the prenatal family allowance?

What are the documents and requirements to Request the prenatal family allowance?

To the prenatal allowance are entitled the pregnant women:

  • who already reached the 13th pregnancy week
  • who reside in Portugal or are compared to residents
  • whose household:
    • has a reference income equal or lower than the amount established for the 3rd income bracket  (consult the income brackets and the calculation method of the reference value)
    • does not hold movable heritage (for instance, bank accounts, shares and investment funds, etc.) higher than 105.314,40€ (corresponds to 240 times the amount of the Social Support Indexation, which in 2020 is 438,81€).

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