Request the adoption allowance

It is an allowance assigned to the applicants for adopters of a child under 15 years old, aiming to replace the work income loss during the periods of impediments to the professional activity.


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Require now
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  • Free
  • Within six months from the date of the determining event of the protection
Request on location
  • At the Social Security service counters or at the Citizen Store Desk
  • Free
  • Within six months from the date of the determining event of the protection

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Who can Request the adoption allowance?

Beneficiaries of the pension system covered by the following schemes:

  • Dependent employees
  • Self-employed
  • Voluntary social insurance:
  • Mariners and national watchmen who exercise a professional activity on ships of foreign companies
  • National mariners who exercise an activity on board of ships of common fishing companies
  • Crewmen who exercise an activity on ships registered on the International Ships Registry of Madeira (MAR)
  • Scientific research grantees.
  • Beneficiaries on a pre-retirement situation, integrated on any of the above-mentioned schemes
  • Beneficiaries who receive an unemployment benefit or a social unemployment benefit.
  • Beneficiaries receiving an invalidity, old age or survivor’s pension, who are working and with a pay statement at social security.

What are the documents and requirements to Request the adoption allowance?

To be entitled to the allowance, the beneficiary must meet the following conditions

  • Benefit from a warranty period of 6 civil months with a pay statement on the 1st day of impediment to work
  • Benefit from the correspondent licenses provided on the Labour Code, in the case of dependent employees or for equivalent periods on the remaining cases
  • Have the social security contributions paid until the end of the third month immediately before the month in which they stopped working, in the case of self-employed or workers covered by a voluntary social insurance scheme.

To know more details about the conditions of access to the allowance, consult the Social Security’s Portal.

When can you Request the adoption allowance?

The allowance must be requested within six months from the date in which the legal or administrative authorization was granted for the adoption.

If you submit the request after this period, but still during the period in which you are entitled to receive the allowance, the days of delay won’t be paid.

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