Booking sports facilities

Information on the transfer of sports facilities, which allows alltypes of booking through the EUL website. 


Information about in-person services may be out of date. Given the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary to schedule for most public service counters.
Confirm the updated information on the page COVID-19 (new coronavirus): information about public services..

Who can Booking sports facilities?

Any citizen, with priority for the Sport of Higher Education.

When can you Booking sports facilities?

At any time.

What are the documents and requirements to Booking sports facilities?

Regular concessions must be requested by completing a booking form provided by the Sports Services.

Any compromise can be requested in the EUL site, e-mail, office, fax or mail.

When available, the facilities can be booked on the same day, directly at the reception of sports or telephone facilities, except for large playing fields, running tracks, swimming pool complex facilities and pavilion No. 3.

Qual a legislação de suporte?

Entity responsible for this service