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The "Casa Pronta" service allows to process different subjects concerning the acquisition and registry of a property, in a single moment and in a single reception desk.

Service channels

Learn where you may submit your request and what are the advantages of each channel 
  • Use Now
    Go to the "Casa Pronta" website to place or consult preemptive rights ads

    See the costs in the 'What is the price' field

    At any moment
  • Go to "Casa Pronta" Counter for all the operations necessary to convey ownership of a property

    See the costs in the 'What is the price' field

    At any moment

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Who can use "Casa Pronta" service?

When can you use "Casa Pronta" service?

  • Online – to post or consult announcements of preemptive rights
    • At any moment.
  • On the location
    • At any moment, within the opening hours of the reception desks.

Where use "Casa Pronta" service?

Some "Casa Pronta" services are available online and other on the reception desks.

  • On the "Casa Pronta" website, to post or consult preemptive rights announcements.
  • On the "Casa Pronta" reception desks, for all the operations necessary to transfer the ownership of a property.

What is the Price to use "Casa Pronta" service?

  • Posting a preemptive right announcement costs 15€. The consultation of the announcement status is free of charge.
  • The price of the other operations concerning the transfer of a property varies accordingly to the number of registry acts necessary for the process and the number of properties.

Number of registry acts


For one property

For each additional property

A single registry act – for example, in a purchase or mortgage

375 €

50 €

More than one registry act – for example, in a purchase and sale with bank loans in which several registries are made

700 €

50 €

  • Payment methods
    • multibanco
    • in cash
    • certified or bank cheque, in euros, of a Portuguese account, to IRN, IP.
    • postal order to IRN, IP.

How use "Casa Pronta" service?


On the "Casa Pronta" website, you can:

  • announce the preemptive right on the transfer of a property
  • consult your announcement to know if any public entity showed interest in exercising the preemptive right on the property you will transfer
  • request and consult the land registry certificate of a property (only available for bank and real estate agencies)
  • consult the agenda with the "Casa Pronta" services scheduled for each registry office providing this service.

On the location

In the "Casa Pronta" reception desk, you may, in a single reception desk, carry out all the necessary operations to transfer the ownership of a property, including the registries:

  • purchase and sale agreements
  • mortgage agreements
  • financing credit contracts
  • mortgages
  • subrogation on the rights and guarantees of the mortgage creditor
  • in lieu of payment
  • donations
  • exchanges
  • establishment or alteration of horizontal property
  • common goods division
  • purchase and sale with financial lease
  • settlement of the Municipal Tax on Onerous Transfers (IMT) and Stamp Duty (IS).

To do so, go to a "Casa Pronta" reception desk and bring with you:

  • the civil and fiscal identification documents of the sellers, purchasers and, if they exist, the other stakeholders
  • the technical file of the building, if it exists
  • the user license or a public deed which mentions the existence of a user license or the waiver of this license, if it has been constituted after 7 August 1951
  • the energy certificate of the property.

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