About ePortugal

The ePortugal portal aims to facilitate the interactions between citizens and companies and the State, making them clearer and simpler.

The portal is the responsibility of the Agência para a Modernização Administrativa, IP (AMA) (Administrative Modernization Agency).

In ePortugal you can find:

  • information on more than 1,000 public services for citizens and companies
  • access to digital services that do not require travel to shops or service points
  • addresses and times of public administration locations and service points
  • public administration websites directory
  • among others.

Replacement of the Portal do Cidadão (Citizen's Portal)

ePortugal replaced the former Portal do Cidadão, adding all the services dedicated to citizens and companies, which were in the Portal do Cidadão and the Entrepreneur's Desk.

The evolution of the Portal do Cidadão to the ePortugal portal is a SIMPLEX+ 2017 measure, which arose in order to organize information and electronic services around citizen and companies’ life events.

ePortugal’s image and standards manual

The brand and image of the ePortugal portal are properties of AMA. AMA provides a standards manual and an associated set of image resources that allow its use in other portals or pages, in order to advertise links to the ePortugal portal. This manual, and associated resources, can be downloaded at:
e-Portugal Graphic Standards Manual (ZIP file, 2.7MB).

Content update

AMA is the entity responsible for the development, management and maintenance of the ePortugal portal, liaising with the various Public Administration bodies to collect, edit and publish the content provided by them.

Legal Support

The Strategy for the Digitisation of Services, enshrined in Decree-Laws 73/2014 and 74/2014, of 13 May, reinforces the importance that the ePortugal portal has for citizens, entrepreneurs and the Public Administration in accessing information and providing electronic public services. In this context, it is decided that all applications submitted to public services may be submitted electronically through the one-stop desk, i.e. the ePortugal portal. These legal diplomas also determine that the information must be duly organized by the services and bodies of the Public Administration and that it must be updated frequently so as not to disappoint the expectations of citizens and economic agents.