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Services | Local Lodging

It is done by prior notice with a deadline at the Business Spot which gives each request the registration number of the local lodging establishment if the competent city council in case does not oppose to this within 10 days or in the case of of the hostel 20 days .

Services | Confirm the change of address of the Citizen Card

The confirmation completes the process of address change on the Citizen Card.

Services | Change the address on the citizen card

If you have the Mobile Digital Key CMD active or the PIN codes of your Citizen s Card you can change the address of your card easily and quickly through the Internet. If you want to cancel a request for change of address that you have submitted call the registration hotline 351 211 950 500 or go to ...

Services | How to view the land registry online?

The permanent certificate of land registry provides online all the registries in force regarding a property even the pending requests. It is always updated and available for consultation. This certificate proves for instance who is the owner of a property. The certificate may be consulted online by ...

Services | Consult the real estate assets - Municipal Property Tax (IMI)

The consultation of the Real Estate Assets - Municipal Property Tax IMI allows to consult the buildings currently registered in the Property Matrix regarding a certain tax identification number.

Services | How to consult a permanent certificate of land registry

Consult online all the registries in force regarding a property even the pending registry requests. This certificate is always updated and available. To consult it you will need to insert an access code which is provided when you request the permanent certificate. You may use the code as many times ...

Services | Apply for the “Porta 65-Jovem” Programme

The Porta 65-Jovem is an incentive programme to the renting by young people. Any young person between 18 and 35 years old may apply In the case of a young couple one element may be 36 years old the other element may not exceed 34 . The support consists of the payment of part of the house rent and ma ...

Services | Serviço Casa Pronta - informações

The Casa Pronta service allows to process different subjects concerning the acquisition and registry of a property in a single moment and in a single reception desk.

Services | Order the SolTerm 5 software

Learn how to obtain the performance analysis software for solar systems - Solterm 5 - provided by the National Laboratory of Energy and Geology LNEG .

Services | Consult the current exemptions - Municipal Property Tax (IMI)

The Consultation of Current Exemptions under the Municipal Property Tax IMI is a service that aims to inform about the buildings or fractions which are exempt from payment of the respective tax as well as to make known the type of exemption in force and the period covered by it.