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Services | Associação juvenil - inscrição

Associação juvenil - inscrição

Services | Create an association

Information on how and where to set up an association at a single time and in one place.

Services | Public utility foundations and legal persons

Also consult the additional information made available by the Secretaria-Geral da Presidência do Conselho de Ministros General Secretariat for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers entity responsible for the processing of requests.

Services | Consultar a Certidão Permanente de Registo de Fundação

Consultar a Certidão Permanente de Registo de Fundação

Services | Equate Social Solidarity Cooperatives and People's Houses with Private Social Solidarity Institutions

Get here information on the recognition of the Equal Status of Private Institutions of Social Solidarity IPSS of Social Solidarity Cooperatives and People s Houses Casas do Povo .

Services | Cooperativa - constituição

Cooperativa - constituição

Services | Cooperação portuguesa - linhas de financiamento

O Camões I.P. assume o cofinanciamento de programas projetos e ações no quadro da cooperação bilateral e multilateral através das linhas ONGD.

Services | Request legal support on social economy entities

You can request legal support from CASES - António Sérgio Cooperative for the the Social Economy about social economy entities on various issues.

Services | Consult legislation on social economy

Consult legislation on social economy entities namely about associations cooperatives foundations mutualities misericórdias Misericordies private Social Solidarity Institutions IPSS .

Services | Request information to CASES on how to incorporate a cooperative

Information and possibility of requesting clarifications about the incorporation of a cooperative online.