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Services | Apply for a Social Security Identification Number (NISS)

The Social Security Identification Number NISS allows access to rights and obligations in Social Security. Persons with a citizen s card do not need to apply for an NISS because this number already appears on the citizen s card. Legal persons companies also don t need to ask for the NISS. When compa ...

Services | Apoio a candidatos a emprego - informação

The Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional IEFP Employment and Professional Training Institute has several measures to help the job-seekers enter into the labour market. These measures include for instance supports to entrepreneurship traineeships compensation for jobs with a salary below the ...

Services | Consult VAT

Information and the possibility to consult the taxpayer s VAT situation online.

Services | Sign up at the job centre

Informações e possibilidade de realizar online a inscrição para emprego do Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional IEFP .

Services | File the self-employment registration

The self-employed workers must register themselves on the Tax Office. To do so they must submit a self-employment registration certificate.

Services | Simulate and submit the annual tax return statement

The individuals who obtain earnings must submit every year a statement of the Personal Income Tax tax return . The statement is normally submitted during April and May and online.

Services | Visto de Residência para o exercício de atividade profissional independente ou para emigrantes empreendedores

Informação sobre como e onde realizar o pedido de visto de residência para o exercício de uma atividade profissional independente ou para emigrantes empreendedores em Portugal.

Services | Social Security contributions – Paying as a self-employed worker

Self-employed workers are responsible for paying their own social security contributions. Failure to pay contributions may have several consequences such as not being entitled to social benefits. Social security contributions must therefore be paid every month by the deadline stipulated.

Services | Request the unemployment benefit

The unemployment benefit is an instalment in cash granted to the unemployed beneficiaries to compensate the lack of remuneration motivated by the involuntary loss of work. The only individuals entitled to the unemployment benefit are the ones involuntarily unemployed who meet the remaining assignmen ...

Services | Consult the IRC

It allows to consult the income statement of a legal person for a given year.