Terms and conditions

The ePortugal portal

The ePortugal portal was launched on 14 February 2019, replacing the former Portal do Cidadão (Citizen Portal) and the Entrepreneur’s Desk as the central information point for public services in Portugal. More information on the page about the portal.

Use of the ePortugal portal

The user of the ePortugal portal undertakes to use it for legal purposes and in such a way as not to compromise, hinder or render impossible the access of others.

The ePortugal portal collects data in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Agency for Administrative Modernisation. By using the ePortugal portal the user agrees with this data collection.

Any attempt to alter or upload information or any other action that could endanger the integrity of the system is prohibited by law and may be punished in accordance with the legislation in force.

The ePortugal portal is constantly being updated. The contents may be changed or removed without notice.

Performance of services

The ePortugal portal provides information on thousands of public services, organizing and clarifying information regarding: procedures, service channels, support, addresses and operation hours.

In addition to providing links to other portals or applications, ePortugal also allows several digital services, such as: changing address, renewing the Citizen Card, submitting licensing requests for economic activity, among many others.

The services directly available on the ePortugal portal are developed and maintained by the Agência para a Modernização Administrativa, IP (AMA – Agency for the Administrative Modernisation), in some cases, in collaboration with other public entities.

Some services may have their own terms and conditions. You should read them carefully, as well as the instructions for performing the service.

ePortugal portal contents

Any website may create links to the ePortugal portal, being expressly prohibited to:

  • Charge users for clicking on the link to the ePortugal portal
  • Claim that the site is supported or associated with the ePortugal portal.

“ePortugal” is a registered trademark.

The content of the ePortugal portal is subject to copyright and related rights as well as industrial property rights.

As long as the ePortugal portal is mentioned as a source, the user may copy or use, free of charge, existing contents of the portal for personal or public use, as long as it is not for profit or offensive purposes.

The ePortugal portal creates links to other websites of public or private entities, the contents, or problems in the use of these websites are not responsibility of the ePortugal portal.

To use the contents of websites to which the ePortugal portal links, you must obtain authorization from the entity responsible for the website.

The ePortugal portal is not responsible for contents associated with it in other websites.

The contents of the ePortugal portal are provided by the entities responsible for the services. You must clarify any doubt about a service with the entity responsible.

The ePortugal website intends that the information is as complete and accurate as possible and seeks to correct all errors that are reported to it.

Legal notice

The contents of this portal do not establish any contractual relationship with the Agency for Administrative Modernisation or with the ePortugal portal. Therefore, they are not liable for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, suffered by any user in relation to the information on this portal.

The Agency for Administrative Modernisation and the ePortugal portal are not responsible for the accuracy, quality, security or legality of the contents, products or services of this portal that are provided by other bodies.

The Agency for Administrative Modernisation and the ePortugal portal make every effort to ensure that the contents of this portal are as up to date as possible. However, they cannot guarantee that a document or information available on this portal is in accordance with the officially adopted text.

Thus, only the version of the acts published in the Official Gazette is considered authentic.

Before doing something based on the content of this portal make sure that you have no doubts and that you know all the variables of the process. If you have any doubts, please contact the entity responsible for the service or a professional.