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The pressure equipments and assemblies intended to contain a fluid with a pressure greater than 0,5 bar and simple pressure vessels intended to contain air or nitrogen with a pressure greater than 0,5 bar, are subject to licensing prior to their entry into service, according with the regulation approved by Decree-Law n.º 131/2019, of August 30.

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For operation of pressure equipment, installation approval, when applicable, and operation approval are required. Simple pressure vessels are subject to prior operation communication, requiring operation validation by the IPQ. ​​​​​​​

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Before submitting the licensing process on a form, it is possible to verify through the simulator the acts applicable to the equipment and its fees.


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Issuance of simple pressure vessel or pressure equipment identification plate This service does not correspond to the “Registration” request required under Decree-Law no. 90/2010, which has since been revoked by Legislative Decree no. 131/2019, which does not provide for an autonomous registration act. Therefore, the issuance of an identification plate should only be required when the registration / identification plate previously issued is complete or has been lost.

Validation of installation and temporary operation of Pressure Equipment

Operation Validation of Simple Pressure Vessel (RSPS)

Installation Approval of Pressure Equipment (ESP)

Operation Approval of Pressure Equipment


Communication of Interim Inspection

Communication of Repair / Alteration of Simple Pressure Vessel or Pressure Equipment

Communication of minor repair on Simple Pressure Vessel or Pressure Equipment


Change of holder's corporate name, change of user, or change of ownership of Simple Pressure Vessel or Pressure Equipment

Pressure Equipment Operation Approval Renewal (ESP) Service unavailable for equipments that are not already licensed under Decree-Law No. 131/2019, for which a request for Operation Approval must be instructed.

Conformity Reassessment of Vessel or Equipment

Revalidation Operation of Simple Pressure Vessel (RSPS) Service unavailable for vessels that are not already licensed under Decree-Law No. 131/2019, for which a validation of Operation request must be instructed.


Temporary suspension of use of Simple Pressure Vessel or Pressure Equipment

Definitive withdrawal from service of Simple Pressure Vessel or Pressure Equipment



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