Finding financing and support

When it comes to the financing the investment needed to set up your business, one of the main problems is where to get it, especially for those who do not have equity.

Here, the future entrepreneur can obtain information on financing and support for setting up his/her own business:



Venture Capital

Venture Capital is a form of financing, through the use of equity capital, for a temporary period, providing companies with stable financial means for the development of their growth strategies. Applicable to start-up, expansion, modernisation and business innovation projects with a strategic dimension.

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Business Angels (BA)

Business Angels (BA) are informal venture capitalists for SMEs.

Entry in the capital of companies, delimited in time.

Focus on innovative business projects or those with growth potential.

For more information see Business Angels, IAPMEI.


StartUP Europa

Provides information, opportunity and resources to support start-ups or future start-ups.

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StartUP Voucher

Its aim is to stimulate the development of business projects by young people between the ages of 18 and 35 that are in the idea phase, through various support instruments made available over a period of up to 12 months of preparation of the business project.

See more information in StartUp Voucher, IAPMEI.



Financial institutions - a tool that allows you to search for the most suitable financing possibilities for your company, from the Your Europe website.

Support for the creation of cooperatives - the coopjovem is a programme to support cooperative entrepreneurship. It is aimed at supporting young people in the development of a business idea, facilitating the creation of self-employment.

Support for the creation of youth associations - information on the overall process can be found on the Portal da Juventude (Youth Portal).

Sources of funding for youth associations - availability on the Portal da Juventude (Youth Portal).