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Services, information and support for entrepreneurs, investors and workers in the European Union

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The IAPMEI portal provides information about support measures for companies.

Commercial Register

How to register a brand, obtaining certificates and other services relate to your business registries.

Services for economic activity

How to obtain licenses for economic activity, communications to entities and others.

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Services catalog
Services catalog

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Complete the information
Complete the information

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Economic activities.
2 Catalogs
2 Catalogs
Insert the Citizen Card or Identification card into the reader.
Enter the authentication PIN.
You are logged in.
You can also use the Digital Mobile Key.
To perform the service fill in the information required. This information is sent to the entity responsible for performing the service.
Once submitted, you can track your status by contacting the responsible entity or in your personal area.
Submit your requests
Submit your requests
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Professional qualifications
Learn how to get your qualifications recognized and obtain information about regulated professions
Practical guide for your business
Search here all the information you need to start, run and close a business in Portugal
Investing in Portugal
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