16.07.2019 | SNS
The Government launched an emergency helpline for deaf citizens.
MAI112 application is available for download at the 112.pt website. The application is only available for Android, a version for iOS will be available in the future.
The application also includes geolocation, sending the location of the person who makes the call to the operator. It is also possible to communicate with the operator by sending a text message.
The service is free of charge and is available 24/7, throughout the national territory, for Portuguese or foreign citizens. To use this service you just need to have internet access and install the application on your mobile phone.
This service works through videoconferencing between the deaf person who needs help, the operator of Urgent Patient Guidance Centre (CODU) and a Portuguese Sign Language interpreter who will translate it.
The project was developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Secretariat of State for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities and was supported by the Portuguese Federation of Deaf Associations.